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Serving Multi-Passionate and Multi-Talented Women Entrepreneurs After God’s Heart


Your Challenges Look Like

  • You’re great at starting but rarely finishing
  • You’re battling against unfruitful thoughts
  • You’re struggling to focus on one thing

I love supporting YOU!

Your Faith Looks Like

  • Gaining knowledge, understanding, wisdom
  • Joyfully sharing the word of God with others
  • Strengthening your relationship with God

I love supporting YOU!

Your Strengths Look Like

  • You’re multi-passionate
  • You’re multi-talented
  • You’re collaborative

I love supporting you!

Are you tired of seeing...

another year go by and you’ve made little to no progress, little to no impact, and little to no sales ALL because you started but didn’t follow through on what you heard God speak?

I love supporting YOU!

What are you waiting for? I love supporting you!


What are you waiting for? I love supporting you! ⋆ VIEW MY PORTFOLIO ⋆

Habakkuk 2:14

Woman After God's Heart,

YOUR products, YOUR services, and YOUR presence is needed in the marketplace. Don’t let your challenges keep you from following through on what you hear God speaking. I only ask you to take a moment and ask God, "Is now the time?" If the answer is yes, then let's go, let's work! 

I love supporting you!


👋🏽 I'm Lashondra

As Chief Collaborative Partner for Systems and Processes at Agents of Grace Network, I enjoy helping women entrepreneurs after God's heart execute their administrative and operational goals, and the ministry I am called to focus on in this season is helping women develop a strong mindset through the word of God by sharing my personal life experiences of being delivered from, healed, and staying free of mental health challenges with the help of Holy Spirit.